Manage your social profiles
in one place.

Schedule, translate, promote your Twitter and Facebook messages with a single click with Crosspost

Translate your post automatically or manually;
Metrics on your competitors;
Boost your Facebook posts;
Visualize your schedule in a calendar;
Unlimited post scheduling;
Attractive pricing;

Crosspost on your social medias

Share your messages simultaneously on multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Reach all audiences likely to be interested in your product
Inform all your followers on all your social medias with a single click. . Be present and visible to them.
Save your efforts
You don’t need to repeat your information on all your social accounts, it will be added automatically.

Plan your feed easily

Plan your messages and automatically publish them at the best possible time.
Save your time
Prepare your posts at the beginning of the week and stop worrying about your feed.
Post regularly
The success of your business depends on the activity on your social network accounts. Regular posting of content is essential for your business.

Monitor your competitors

Know more about your competitors. We provide statistics on the number of followers, interactions, and posts of all your competitors.
Know what posts work best
Monitor your competitor posts to know what your target audience likes.
Find inspiration
It's hard to be inspired every day. You can spy on your competitors to find out your next post.

Promote your posts on Facebook

Choose the audience, budget and duration of your ad and promote your post on Facebook automatically.
Get more clients
Create great products and let people know about them.
Share your posts with a larger audience
Content creation is the best way to attract new customers. Post regulary and promote your messages.

Translate your post easily

Share your messages worldwide in all the languages of your choice.
Easy internationalization
Your messages will be translated into all the languages you selected. This will help you cover more audiences.
Be sure of your translation
Choose the type of translation that best suits your needs: a professional translation by Gengo or an artificial intelligence automatic translation by DeepL.
See what language pairs are available!
Automatic translation
Manual translation
Crosspost is free to use, give it a try now!
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